Here are the best ways of preventing credit card fraud

Ensure your credit card is safe

To attain the safety of your credit card, keep your PIN, your account details and card safe. If you are not using the card, keep it in a safe place at home. Besides, make sure your PIN is hard to guess, but you can remember it with ease. If the sealed package of your card gets tampered, contact your issuer.

Use the card responsibly

You should be wise in using your card to make payments. Instead of paying for services with the card, use cash. Fraudsters can easily steal your credit card information, by making every other payment with your card. Besides, never give your credit card information to strangers via phone or email.

Keep paper trails secure

Avoid leaving paper trails with your credit card information behind, since thieves can easily get the card details. Keep all transaction receipts well for future reference instead of throwing.

Regular checking of statements and online accounts

You can prevent the exploitation of your card by managing your purchases efficiently. To manage your online purchases, create an account with different name from the one on the card. Besides, ensure all accounts have strong passwords and your browser is reliable. 

Additionally, you should immediately report if your credit card is lost to your provider, to ensure no transaction will take place.

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