Before processing can start, a physician must perform an exam to discover the cause of the baldness or thinning. Hair loss can manifest itself in various ways, and it can happen from many causes. A dermatologist will ask the victim issues about the nature of the thinning, whether it occurred slowly over time or quickly without warning.

After discovering the cause of the balding or thinning, the doctor can examine treatment alternatives to address the problems. Here are some of the most common methods of treatment:

* Medications – Prescription and non-prescription medications are available to manage thinning. Some medicines are lotions that you apply right to the scalp, which can animate further growth.

* Lasers – Some hand-held tools deliver laser lights to promote new extension. With a unique brush or a comb, you can drive laser lights through your hair to produce stimulation.

* Transplants – A physician may move the skin around on the scalp to area any skin with healthy hair growth into the different sections that need more extension. You can also look for follinique Hair Regrowth Treatment by clicking right over here.

* Scalp Reduction – This surgery requires eliminating bald areas of the scalp to pull the sections with hair closer collectively. A doctor might offer a scalp and transplant reduction together.

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