The other day while running some errands I decided to take a seat and do a little people watching.  As I watched people walk past me I noticed that almost every person who passed me had bad posture.  I started to wonder if they were aware of how their bad posture habits can create health problems.  Bad posture can affect back and neck pain, cause headaches as well as compression on nerves.  It has also been linked to stress, low energy, increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  Correcting your posture is not an easy task and while making the transition from good to bad you need to be aware of your posture at all times.  This includes when you are sitting at a desk, eating dinner, driving, standing and even while exercising.


Exercising the muscles which support the spine can be a great way to help correct posture. Most of the time people are slouched over and never utilizing their back muscles.  A great way to build these muscles is by doing pilates and yoga.  There are many studios that offer classes specifically for back strength, please talk to your instructor if you have any injuries you are working with.  Another way to help with your postures is limit how much you are looking down.  Many people hold their phones, tablets and books at a level where their heads are down, this compromises the natural curvature of the neck and can cause the shoulders to roll forward.  If you can hold items at eye level it will help to keep your neck upright and reduce bad posture.


If you are really struggling with bad posture I would suggest seeing your local San Diego Chiropractor.  Getting a full assessment and understanding your problem areas will help to understand what needs to be corrected.  Make sure you are seeing a chiropractor who focuses on corrective care rather than pain relief.  This will help to ensure you are staying on a regimen that will help to correct any alignment issues due to bad posture.  Many  San Deigo Chiropractors have see great results in correcting posture and reducing symptoms due to bad posture.  If you have questions regarding posture or alignment of the body talk to your local natural health care healers.



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