There are hundreds of card games available nowadays. Some of them are free to play while to play other card games you will have to spend big bucks. Let’s discuss some card games here:

Spades – This game is known to be the variation of the famous card game Bridge Game. Very a few people know about this fact. This card game is very popular among students, large groups and people take a part of tournaments all over the world. A strategic game you can play at without paying much attention if you want.

Go-fish – This game is very simple to play and famous among children. You can play this game as many players as you have cards.  Many people day that this card game is the variation of Rummy. Interesting fact is that Go-fish is known as literature in some parts of the world.

War – This is another game which is very famous among children. It’s a straight luck based game which depends on the flop of the card, in which you either loose or win. Before learning any other game, many under the age 30 learn War to play.  You must have noticed many people playing War in the airports queue.

Oh Hell – It’s very easy to play this game because of its simple structure of this game and one player always blows it. That's what's fun. Screwing your opponent.

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