If you've not hear about the wildly hot new tech toy Anki DRIVE , it's the brain-child of oh, just a few Carnegie Mellon scientists who combined robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and slot car racing to create an entirely new breed of toy.  Sofman calls the cars characters” since they have different attributes like energy and damage resistance (as well as names and Transformer/Ironman-like looks), and as you level up a car's capabilities and weapons, that information is saved to the car itself.

Thankfully for the moment we can race against the system as it has a tournament section where a person can compete against bot cars which actually drive themselves – which in itself is technically superb as the car scans the track and races like a real human.

Open the Anki client with your existing decks (usually this would be Anki desktop, but it could also mean a version of AnkiDroid you have been using on another device), and click the synchronization button (which has two arrows in a circle) at the top right of the deck list.

When you have built your track, you will need to download the Anki OVERDRIVE app on your iOS or Android device so that you are ready to start racing, the track isn't like traditional electrified ones, it's the cars, and you get two robotic super cars in the kit which will run for about 20 minutes after a full charge which will take about 10 minutes on the included charging dock.<img src="https://shenanitims.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/reviewcoount.png" width="251" />

Duolingo is great, I use it too and know people who got results with it. I don't think it particularly shines on general vocabulary acquiring though¹, so that's where Memrise or a spaced repetition flashcard system like Anki or any other enters the picture.


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