Before you get a certificate for your business, there are certain procedures that a business has to go through in order to get the certificate. These procedures vary from industry to industry and mostly depends on the type of certification.

There is Certified Halal Internal Auditor Program, which lasts up to three days. The program includes everything a business needs to get the certificate. The program trains members of the halal authority or the halal officer to practice the implementation of the halal standards. With this program a business itself can carry out its own internal halal audit.

The program includes the training of halal committee members to get the basic understanding of the halal requirements and standards by means of audit exercises and increased halal competencies and knowledge. The program can be adopted by any member of the company as long as it is willing to have its own halal auditor.

With the internal auditing the business can keep up with the standards of the Islamic Sharia. These religious belief laws are what allow the Muslims to consume products. Without the following of law a halal consumer cannot make use of the product as it is a sign that the product is safe to use and will not impact the person’s religious belief. Such halal products are recognized through halal logo embossed on products packaging.

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