Professional stamp quality is needed these days seeing as there is an advent in technology and a shift from self-inked stamps to pre-inked stamps. Pre inked stamps offer a clean look for any occasion. The difference between a pre-inked stamp and a self-inking stamp lies mainly in the appearance and quality of the impressions created and the number of stamps that can be produced before re-inking.

Pre-inked stamps are effective in many spheres of life, be it filing, organizing, banking, teaching and more. It makes it easy to add information to documents, like company name and stamp endorsements. They are also necessary for insurance agencies, mortgage companies, insurance agents, real estate agencies, architects and engineers.

You can stamp or print your personal or company logo on shopping bags, business cards, letterheads, and a myriad of other articles.

With pre-inked stamp, you can be assured of a clear impression. They are top quality and deliver thousands of stamps/prints before they need to be re-inked. Using a pre-inked stamp boosts your business and gives it an edge. It saves time if you have many document and very little time.

Because the stamp is already integrated in the text plate, you do not need a separate ink cartridge. They are also durable and don’t easily wear out.

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