The Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot Robot Pack is an excellent way for kids to code while having a great time playing with robots.  Students can use the Dash and Dot Robots in a variety of robotic programming investigations to develop a model to generate data for iterative testing and modification of a proposed process such that an optimal design can be achieved. After restarting and reconnecting both sides several times you might get lucky and Dash will execute a few steps of your program before falling into a stupor again. Unlock special abilities, record your own voice for Dash to play along the way, and discover new sounds and animations as you explore.

The robots are compatible with iOS and Android – but not all of the apps work with all devices, so be sure to check out this page to find out if you have the means for controlling your robot. Using free apps Wonder and Blockly, you get to see how these games are created, and make over a hundred more of your own games.

Wonder Workshop, the company behind Dash and Dot, knew exactly how to encourage youths to program and create when they put these robots on the market. All of these are good questions and yet, this spherical wonder embodies many of the traits that I value in a modern robot toy. The building brick connectors were sheer genius in the design of Dash and probably my favorite feature because while my logical son is coding behaviors for Dash, my creative one can be building a Tyranasaurus head for it. Each set of notes can be accompanied by a motion (such as Dash moving forward or turning around) and can be repeated 1-4 times before moving on to the next set. Then as the user become more confident and wishes to know how the ‘Blocky' app works, can move to a more advance program and program all new features for Dash and Dot.

Build your own humanoid and choose what it does- make it walk, do the robot dance, or practice some mini kung-fu moves for endless entertainment. Part of what helps me imagine that set-up is the Teach Wonder community, accessible through Wonder Workshop's website. I learned of Dash & Dot just before the Xmas season, but this week during CES 2015 I got to talk with the founder and CTO of the company. The critically acclaimed robot can speed around the house, blink its lights and more. Based on how awesome the apps are from Wonder Workshop, I bet the curriculum is stellar!

Wonder is my favorite of the apps, because it does a good job of systematically teaching kids how to program these robots, and then sets them free to apply what they have learned to new ways of programming and playing with the robots. Daniel actually moved on to the Path app where he could draw a path for Dash and then watch him follow it. The Blockly app where I helped them both to code. The app lets you play freely, which makes it suitable for youngsters to get acquainted with the robot. Both Dash and Dot comes with built-in microphones and speakers to respond to sounds, and host of LEDs for various light effects. Very engaging Just received the robots today and the kids have been playing with Dash for the past few hours. Dash has been a toy that they both keep going back to play with repeatedly, and has an impressive amount of capabilities for them to explore their own creativity with while playing and learning.


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