Clark Bartram has amassed millions of followers on his YouTube channel. The channel is designed to provide solid information on staying fit after the age of 40. Men do have a hurdle to overcome upon hitting middle age. The body no longer generates energy levels sufficient enough to build muscle mass and keep body fat levels low. A host of different, and not very appealing, options exist to boost energy levels. Clark Bartram has a more preferable plan for men over age 40. TestMax Recipes is a brilliant diet program designed to increase energy levels naturally. Through eating results-oriented meals, energy levels may be upped naturally. No real magic is involved with the TestMaxRecipes program. All that is required is preparing and eating male friendly meals.

Okay, what if you are not an experienced cook? There is nothing to worry about. The TestMax Recipes program comes with all the necessary educational tools to prepare the best food choices.

The TestMax Recipes program covers the easiest way to make a week's worth of meals. Information is presented on video for easy understanding. A series of recipe and reference books go into great detail about the foods that up energy levels and keep estrogen in check. The food choices are absolutely not boring either. There is an amazing variety of choice in the TestMaxRecipes plan. That alone should make it appealing.

The program is especially unique in the sense the preparation plans are designed to make a full week's worth of meals in an hour. The TestMax Recipes are also structured in three phases to maximize the benefits.

Clark Bartram understands a fad diet that does nothing more than just restrict carbohydrates or dramatically eliminates calories won't be helpful to the cause of getting in shape. After age 40, low energy is probably the cause of stubborn belly fat refusing to go away. In devising the TestMax Recipes plan, Bartram focuses a desirable goal allowing this program to really stand out.

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