The diabetes symptoms aren't necessarily apparent, until they learn they own it and many individuals might be suffering with all the illness for many years.

Nevertheless, experts warn thousands could be living with undiagnosed type 2 diabetes.

Individuals also need to ensure they look correctly as foot problems can be caused by elevated levels of blood glucose.

This could prevent nerves working so folks combusted themselves or may not feel when they have cut their feet.

The main symptoms of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are:

Urinating more often than usual – especially at night

Excessive urination can be triggered by excessive glucose in the blood which interferes to concentrate urine.

Feeling thirsty

Kidneys have to work harder in people with type 2 diabetes. Puldisia is the term given to excessive thirst. said: “ If you are feeling thirsty all the time or your thirst is more powerful than normal and continues even after you drink, it can be a sign which not all is well within your body.”

Feeling tired

Feeling tired could be a symptom of many ailments – but it can be caused in those who have low blood sugar levels.

Itching round the secret parts.

Thrush – a yeast infection – tends to affect warm, moist areas of skin of the body such as mouth and, the specific areas.

Thrush is more prevalent in individuals with diabetes as high sugar levels cab cause yeast to develop. A dry mouth with increased glucose in spit can also activate the disease.

Cuts or wounds which heal

Diabetes can affect the immune apparatus, putting people at greater risk of infection. Increased blood glucose levels also stiffen the arteries and cause narrowing of impact circulation and the blood vessels, which can affect wound healing.

Blurred vision

When blood glucose levels are left untreated diabetes eye problems occur. The most common condition related to diabetes is retinopathy which is often caused by high blood pressure related to the symptoms of diabetes.

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