The Twin Over Twin Wood Bunk Bed is a practical space-saving solution for small bedrooms. Available in multiple finishes, this solid wood bunk bed creates a warm and restful environment in your home.

My son is 3.5 years old, still sleeps in a crib. He hasn't tried to climb out. Should I keep him in the crib or transition? We are also still working on potty training and he wears pull ups to bed. I feel that we can't really potty train until he is in a big bed so that he can get out at night and go potty if needed. I feel like my kid is so behind on this!

The first time we laid our eyes on the Nantucket Toddler Bed, we immediately fell in love with its very simple yet truly stylish and elegant design. Able to support a child weighing up to 50 pounds, the Nantucket toddler bed is truly exceptional for its low profile giving it superb stability. This also helps mitigate the impact of accidental falls. The lower half of the Nantucket is open while the upper section is beautifully protected by wooden bedrails that wrap around the bed like a basinet.

Move closer so you can gently keep him in bed if he starts to get up. Stay calm, respectful, and empathic, as in It's a big change, sleeping in your  new bed. Soon you'll be used to it.” But don't let him get out of bed. You don't want him developing that habit. Stay as close to the bed as you need to, to start. This eases the transition and lets your child learn to fall asleep in the new bed. Are you developing a bad habit? No, this is a transition, and you will be able to ease out of it, once your child is comfortable in the bed.

Decorating children's rooms to suit both the wants of the parents as well as the wants of the child can be challenging. The easiest way to allow children's budding personalities to shine without breaking the bank is to allow them freedom of choice with accessories and decorations for their rooms, while maintaining control over the main pieces of furniture. A bright coat of paint on the walls, along with decorations that suit their tastes, is typically all it takes to transform their rooms and make them happy. Balance between the items selected by parents and the items selected by children is the key to a finished room that makes everyone happy.

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