Real foods are full of nutrition

Did you know that real foods are best foods to lose weight? The reason is that real foods are full of natural nutrition that body requires performing many important functions. Experts argue that one must opt for the real-time food if they want to lose weight. The 3 week diet...Read more

Why all calories are not same

Did you know that all calories are not same? Well, if you did not know, then you’ll come to know by the end of this article. This is true that you must eliminate calories from your diet plans. However, you must know that all calories are not same. Calories from...Read more

How can natural therapies benefit patients?

Natural therapies are often successful medium to treat chronic conditions those don’t respond to allopathic medicines. Some of these problems are; pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance, digestive disorders and many more health issues. They use treatment plan that includes botanical medicine, nutritional supplements, diet plans and therapies. Naturopathic focus on art...Read more