While the big event is starting to roll and coming; the most anticipated fight ever, Gennady Golovkin or known to be Triple G in the ring will be facing Canelo Alvarez in September, however, he is not worried about the fight because first of all Alvarez did not put much of a fight with his recent opponent Chavez Jr.

Boxing fans, enthusiasts, and professional commentators on the ringside had circled their calendar on the 16th of September for the fight; and Canelo vs Golovkin live bout is now settled and a done deal. Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena is all set-up for the fight and the whole world has their eyes on the ring. Predictions, speculations, and opinions are just flying on the roof about top fighters on who will reign supreme and remain the tough contender in the ring.

Time after time especially that both fighters are in the spotlight, millions of fans always want to see fighters talk trash to each other. It may appear that it is all part of the marketing strategy to have their boxing fans interested in the fight and of the fighter, but this time, it is a whole lot different. What made it more interesting that during their press cons and interviews, both fighters have their own opinion to say against each other.

Moreover, GGG or Golovkin is not that worried about their upcoming bout with Canelo Alvarez that is because of the performance and how Alvarez delivered his previous fight against Chavez Jr. Golovkin has so many expectations on Alvarez since he has the upper hand against Chavez Jr. but it turned out to be a failure; a fail that Alvarez was not able to knock out Chavez Jr. and became victor due to a unanimous decision.

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