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Losing weight is a desire of many individuals. It is with the ideal body weight that one begins to feel healthy and the person begins to have more confidence in themselves. For weight loss, there are various types of camps that people seek help from. Here is a list of different types of camps used in helping to lose weight:

1. Boot Camp

The intensity level of this fitness camp is high. It targets major muscles in the body and the objective of the camp is to allow the body to gain strength. This camp comprises of intense workout exercises that are done at a fast pace.

2. Camps in the Wild

This type of camp involves nature retreats such as camping and going for long hikes. The weight loss is brought about through activities done out in nature such as trekking, river rafting and other similar activities that target various muscle groups at once.

3. Nutritionists Camp

This weight loss camp involves regular sittings with a nutritionist. The nutritionist creates a custom diet plan according to the health of the client and prescribes diet pills in some cases. Along with diet control, the nutritionist advises a workout plan. Basically weight loss is brought about through a combination of diet control and workout.

It can be seen that there are various types of camps available to reduce weight such as Thailand weight loss camp. However, the choice of the type of camp depends on the weight and requirement of the person trying to lose weight. 

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