If you're struggling to lose weight, then it’s time to keep some foods in your kitchen 24/7. All these foods consist of essential nourishment for the mind and body. Alongside, the presence of some antioxidants that have proven in aiding the process of weight reduction and provision of more energy throughout the day.

Here are 4 foods you should add in your diet plan, however for an already designed weight loss diet plan consisting of all the delicious super foods it’s time to look at the http://wisejug.com/3-week-diet-review/.

Greek Yoghurt

Flavour up this high protein food with some healthy fruits for lunchtime or anytime of the day. Protein helps to control your hunger and encourages muscle mass preservation; this increases your overall calorie burn.


You can whip these multipurpose nuts into your smoothie or dash them over your bowl of salad. This food will help to maintain your cholesterol and keep you slender.


Spreading it over your raw vegetables or your leafy salad will keep you full for a longer period of times as it’s a terrific source of fibre and protein. Also, it will definitely keep your stomach from grumbling for unnecessary sugar cravings throughout the day.


Spice up your toast with a mashed avocado or whip it up in your daily nutritious smoothie for a hearty health and to shape your waist. According, to a study people who consume an avocado on regular basis have proven to weigh less and have slimmer waistlines.

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