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Makeup experts are making women expert in makeup application. Makeup experts approaches women through internet and make them understand the cosmetic world. They have huge impact on phycology of women and their best advise are always beneficial for women.Now days they have made transparency about the after effect of chemical based cosmetics on skin texture. This has demanded the skin friendly and natural cosmetic products.

Makeup experts have introduced the world with mineral foundation, its application method and its benefits. Mineral foundation has much more weightage over conventional foundation on the grounds of health benefits to skin. Best mineral foundation act as sun protection for skin as it is comprising of such minerals which act as protecting layer for skin from harmful sun rays.

Mineral foundation is suitable for all skin types. Dermatologist recommend mineral foundation for sensitive skin and acne prone skin.Mineral foundation is comprising of earthly ingredients which do not cause any skin irritation and allergy. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are basic ingredients of mineral foundation. Zinc oxide work as skin protectant and titanium dioxidework as sunscreen.

Mineral foundation also has many other benefits over conventional foundation. Mineral foundation stays for longer duration and gives all day fresh look. Whereas conventional foundation starts giving greasy and cakey look after certain time. The most importantly mineral foundation does not clog the pores and makes the skin to breath. This quality gives especial advantage to oily skin as convention makeup application is far more difficult to oily skin.

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