There are two chief forms of pipe fittings widely utilized in heating, ventilation and ac systems; flanged and screwed. Screwed pipe fittings utilize a female and male thread mix and if stitched together twist to shape the joint. A flanged pipe fitting includes an extension or lip projecting at a perfect angle to its own surface. This lip is straightened into the confronting lip of the adjoining fitting for extra strength. Due to the potency of the fitting, flanged fittings are suggested to get the 4-inch pipe or bigger.

Both of these pipe fittings are utilized to create temporary joints since you can finally take them apart when required. If the joint is ever brazed, soldered or welded the link is deemed permanent as the link won’t come apart. The benefit of both of these temporary joints is the fact that it may be readily disassembled for repairs in the future. To get detailed info about pipe fitting, you may lead to


The Normal pipe fittings can be divided on the basis of the following six purposes:

  • Diminishing or expanding
  • Branching
  • Extension or linking
  • Shutoff or final
  • Union or cosmetics
  • Management

Slimming or Enlarging Fittings: The two bushing and reducers are cases of reducing or expanding fittings. Their purpose in pipe installations would be to link pipes of various sizes. The gap between a bushing and a reducer is distinguished by his or her structure. A reducer is a coupling device with female threads in both ends. A bushing includes both female and male threads on each end.

Branching Fittings: A branching fitting is used to combine a branch pipe to the primary line. These fittings are used for Tees, Crosses, and Elbows with side sockets, Y branches, and Return bends.

Extension of Mixing Fittings: Nipples, locknuts, couplings, offsets, joints, and marriages are all examples of expansion or linking fittings. With the potential exception of a cancel, these fittings are made to combine and extend a span of a pipe.

Shutoff Fittings: Occasionally it’s essential to close the end of a tube on your system. This is accomplished using a shutoff or final fitting and also the subsequent two kinds are utilized for Plugs and Caps.

Union or Makeup Fittings: All these are represented by marriage elbows and marriage tees. This sort of fitting unites both a marriage and an elbow or tee shirt in one unit. They are in both female and male threads to attach where required.

Directional Fitting: Management fittings, for example, offsets elbows and return springs are utilized to modify the management of a pipe. Offsets could be thought of as a kind of expansion or linking fitting due to the overlap in purpose.

Pipe fittings are employed in all parts of new HVAC equipment and also in repairs. Knowing the difference between those fittings can assist you with the next HVAC job.

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