A Transportation company is responsible for various types of goods and services in the economy and therefore they are essential to all the Industries. Apart from FMCG other economic activities also depend heavily on the transportation. If you are working in the consumer or Industrial goods Industry and are looking for the best logistics then you are at one point going to have to decide which transportation company to choose. The first factor is obviously the experience the company has. The more resources the transporter has the better.

Here are 6 more other qualities that you must look for when hiring a transport company :

Fast Service

The first and the most important factor which is to be kept in mind is that there should be a very fast service. The goods must be dispatched on time and they must be delivered on time. The order must also be processed on time. It is just that simple.

Variety Of Vehicles

Not just for the logistics a transport company should have both variety and technology. If you need a Crane Truck on the construction then they must provide it. If the work needs more Hiab truck then they must be prompt about it.


The cost is one of the most important factors as it impacts the profitability. The per unit cost of the service to the company must also be very feasible and genuine.


Operations Management

The transport company must take the operations management seriously. They must use Industry specific techniques and should be able to make a good plan for all their orders. The managers should also take responsibility.


You must hire a company in your region. The godowns and the trucks must also be located in the reach. The transporter must have experience in the area in which you operate.

Communication and IT

They must have good softwares to track the orders. They must also have an IT team and the customer must be able to track their orders.

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