Teaching your preschoolers can always be disguised by using fun activities. Here are two great ideas to increase their school readiness. If you want more information about preschool you may head to http://www.lemanmanhattan.org/academics/early-childhood-program.

Preschool Activities and Story Time



Storytime can be extremely creative as you and your preschooler develop a made up story together. It can either be factual, such as "if you were first born–" and then continuing on with all of the things your child did as a baby and a toddler, or it may be wholly untrue like " One day a little piggie knocked on our door and wanted to come in–".

When you publish every sentence on the lined paper your preschooler will follow your activities together with her eyes and see the words appear from left to right in the newspaper. After the story is completed decide on a name.


A favorite book

Lined writing paper

A Pen

You and your child's creativity


1. Read your child's favorite story to her.

2. Invite her to retell the story with your help.

3. Explain to your child that today you can compose a story of your own with the two of you using your own imaginations.

4. Start a story, writing it down as you go. Print the words carefully as you create them.

5. Invite your child to add new parts to the story, taking turns, and continue to produce the story on paper.

6. When completed, make up a name, add an author line, and read the new story to your child.

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