Industrial shrink wrap protects and groups products during shipment. The shrink wrap film is plastic and, when heated, it shrinks and adheres to the goods' shapes to protect them from moisture, dirt, and damage in transportation.  Shrink Wrapping Machine can provide you help in Shrink Wrap Supplies business.

The Benefits of Shrink Wrap Machines

Various kinds of shrink wrap film in addition to different kinds of shrink wrap machines are available for various needs of businesses which use shrink wrap.

Smaller, portable machines are used by artists to wrap their paintings to get a professional look that protects the art. These shrink wrap machines begin around $200. Larger, more expensive and electronic shrink wrap machines are utilized to seal things such as boxes, letters, linens, and video games, either individually or in bulk.

These shrink wrap machines can cost around $35,000 and can process hundreds of things an hour.

The sort of shrink wrap equipment required depends on the size of the thing to be shrink wrapped and how quickly it has to be wrapped. Some machines are made to pack items little like CDs; additional machines package big boxes.

Straight bar sealers seal things such as CDs, DVDs, and videotapes. Another heat gun shrinks the movie. These can process only a couple of items per hour.

L-Bar sealers seal and cut the movie in 1 movement. Electricity, not heating, cut the plastic, so the machines don't produce smoke. They utilize Polyolefin film.

Mail bagging systems can dictate and package several boxes.

Continuous band sealers seal packs always and are helpful for containing easily spilled items.

Sleeve wrappers can manage many bundle shapes.

Vacuum sealers remove the air from a package before sealing it and passing it through a heat tunnel to shrink the film.

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