Franklin and Chuck are one of the best UFC fighters of all time. Franklin was a former high school teacher before he turned into a UFC tycoon.  Frank is originally from Cincinnati Ohio and had no prior martial arts adventure before adventuring to the MMA world.  Franklin will probably be moving up fat classes to fight among the biggest knock out an expert that the UFC have ever noticed.

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 Franklin has his hands full when he strikes Liddell at UFC 115.Liddell fights from San Luis Obispo, California and he’s a winner that’s known across the world and can be a household name.  Witcha list of 21-7 The Iceman has struggled and defeated a few of the best prospects of this UFC.

Liddell has seven knockouts in a row along with also an all-time ten knockouts in his livelihood.  It’s no wonder which Liddell is popularly referred to as the KO king of this UFC.  Liddell has dropped over Titto Ortiz, Wanderlei Silva, as well as Vitor Belfort.

Liddell can also be a trainer on those seasons of “Tuf” that is the struck realty UFC MMA TV series. At UFC 115 individuals will observe that the actual Liddell come outside and perform, but they’ll also get a chance two see Franklin at his finest as well.  This battle is a massive struggle for both fighters since both are fighting their heritage and also another opportunity on the very top, which is your UFC Belt.

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