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Almost every business must have customized lanyards lying around their office storage space, ready to be distributed to employees, customers and many other people. There are a list of a few uses one can make out of these customized lanyards mentioned below.

1.  Identification Purposes

The most common purpose of customized lanyards is using them for identification. If you have lanyards custom made in your company colors with perhaps the company logo on them as well, it will make the identification process much easier. Also, this means smaller queues on security checks.  Moreover, the ability to add name cards as well as department logos makes it easier to access different areas within the office building.

2. Promotional merchandise

Giving away promotional merchandise at business events or perhaps prospective partner brands is a great idea. Customized lanyards can be added to this list of many different promotional items. The idea is to create one that makes the user remember your company’s name whenever they see it.

3.  Easy to differentiate

When you are holding a business event there might be all sorts of people attending. Some may be attendees or participants and other might be visiting as officials or special guests. It would be easier to differentiate between these different groups by customizing their lanyards. The colors can be different or perhaps their role at the event can be written on the lanyard they wear around their necks. In a normal everyday work setting, having different lanyards for different department or project teams can also be a good idea.

You can check out several custom lanyards online for design ideas.

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