Retractable – Retractable awnings can be found in two primary categories, manual, or none. Manual retractable awnings may be described as a fantastic option for a household on a budget, with the should select if to possess the awning retracted and outside of sight, or set up and providing color to a hot summer afternoon while needing minor maintenance.

Motorized retractable awning(which is also known as”กันสาด” in the Thai language) may be the perfect awning for somebody of limited strength, the older, or even somebody with a handicap, however with the exact wants of a retractable awning.

Fixed – coated awnings are generally made of metal, usually aluminum, but could also be made from timber, or thick, plastic. Fixed awnings might be employed for color or maybe to maintain snow and rain off in an entrance manner.

Engineered metal bands are lower maintenance than simply retractable, and may withstand heavier winds. Fixed metal awnings usually are installed on doors and windows in place of fabric awnings.

Fabric awning compared to metallic – There are a lot of critical differences between wool awnings and aluminum coatings, both most common substances used to create awnings.

Fabric awnings do have significantly more insulating material properties compared to the bare metal finish. Nevertheless, along with on the fabric awning can fade faster than a metal finish, plus so they can fray or rip.

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