All the endodontists are a dentist but only 3% of the dentists are endodontist.  Similar to a doctor in a particular field, endodontists are specialists because they have completed extra two to three years of training as compared to others. The additional training is focused on the various fields such as diagnosing tooth pain and their functions also involve performing root canal treatment on their patients. They also have a know-how and knowledge of the various internal procedures of the tooth. In a way, a endodontist in Chandigarh is a professional that can save a diseased tooth from further worsening. In many cases, the teeth can also be saved. This is the reason why the endodontists are referred to as the savior of teeth.

They Have Advanced Education: In order to become a specialist in the field, the endodontists have to go through advanced training and education apart from the four years of education that they have also spent on the dental school. The studies involve the diseases relating to the dental pulp and the procedures which will help you treat them. On the other hand, a dentist is a person who has had some formal education and can look after the dental health and offer treatments to patients such as tooth cleaning and basic procedures.

They Use Cutting Edge Technologies: Similar to the periodontist in Chandigarh, in this profession also endodontist use the cutting edge and advanced technology. They used advanced material which is comfortable and does the trick.

They Have Specialized Expertise: The endodontists as their professions demands limit their other general dental practices and instead they focus on their practice of treatment of dental pulp. On an average, an endodontist conducts 25 root canal treatments in a week. Normal dentists will do too.

Experts in Pain Management: They are experts in pain management and they also know how to calm down the patients and make them more comfortable, so they feel less pain through the procedures with immediate relief. They are experts in medication which help you stay numb.


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