You might witness different remote issues based on the type of remote you have. Generally we are equipped with two types of remotes – Standard IR remote, Enhanced point anywhere remote, depending on the type of Roku streaming player or Roku TV. It bothers you a lot when you repeatedly try to change the channels manually, navigate the menu or use your phone to do it.

Quite essential part is the remote control because this device helps you control the other device. If Roku remote not working efficiently, then you won’t be able to activate channels easily as the activation code consists of numbers and alphanumeric characters which can only be entered through remote.

Here I am going to mention certain easy steps which you need to follow in case your Roku remote stopped working.

First you need to remove the batteries of your remote from the back compartment. There look inside the battery compartment, you will be able to locate purple button shown circled in red. This is nothing but reset button of your Roku streaming device.

Now, you need to unplug the power from Roku, and after that wait for about 5 seconds till the device gets refreshed. Connect Roku once again to the power supply with the help of power adapter. A Roku banner will bounce around on the screen. Again put the batteries in the remote. You need to press and hold the purple button present in the battery compartment for about five seconds. At the end wait for the Roku to finish it’s booting up.

This will restart the Roku device. Check now, if the Remote for Roku not working yet, then there is need to call Roku expert. They will let you know the possible reasons behind remote not functioning properly. If any technical solution is required, they will provide over the phone call. For this, they will charge a reasonable fees from you.

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