The Details to be Analyzed While Selecting a Bodyguard

Before appointing a bodyguard you need to ensure that the person has undergone required bodyguard training and will be able to perform his duties in right manner. By examining all the aspects you will be able to make the right selection and have the assurance that you have selected the right bodyguard. So, let us check few of the details you should look into.

Details to be Analyzed for Selecting the Right Bodyguard

What should be included in the contract?

bodyguard trainingBefore hiring any bodyguard, ensure that there is a proper contract in place that will describe bodyguard training person has, duties he will be performing. Moreover, the contract should also describe the equipment that is to be used by the bodyguard.

What will be your obligations?

Before appointing anyone you need to be clear about what all will be expected from your end. Normally, you will have to look into the following:
  • Bear the cost of transporting bodyguards to the location where operations are to be performed.
  • Ensure that the bodyguard receives standard accommodation.
  • Provide reimbursement to bodyguard for things like food, transportation, and other daily expenditures.
  • Ensure that the bodyguard gets the freedom to perform his duties with any impediments or restrictions.

What are the details to be examined with respect to compensation and payments?

Right at the onset, you should have clear details about compensation you will have to pay your bodyguard. Moreover, it should be clear when and how the bodyguard will have to be paid for services he will be providing and the amount that is to be paid in the form of fees. You should also have clear information about any kind of deposit amount you will have to pay, the total amount that is to be paid as deposit and how it is to be paid, whether by wire transfer, in cash or by check.

What are some of the questions that are to be asked?

There are questions that you must ask, let us go through the details here.
  • For how long the company is providing this service?
  • What kind of bodyguard training bodyguards have?
  • Is there going to be a service and confidentiality contract?
  • Will there be varied rates for separate services?
  • Is there any chance of getting discounts if you avail services for a longer term?
  • Will it be possible to give some references of previous clients bodyguard service provider has worked for?
  • Is the company insured?
  • Are the bodyguards in your company experienced enough?
  • If there is a need to travel overseas then will it be possible for the firm to provide bodyguards for such requirement?
  • Are the bodyguards experienced in providing protection to individuals having special needs or to kids?
  • Are bodyguards capable enough to liaison with legal authorities like the police?

In Conclusion

To conclude we will say that by asking the right questions you will be able to select the right bodyguard who has needed bodyguard training and will be able to provide required services.

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