If you sense that your oil furnace is not working correctly, it is significant to recognize the signs so the reparation can be addressed in an appropriate manner.

An issue occurring right in the center of the coldest portion of winter has to be dealt with immediately, and troubleshooting the problem will go a long way in getting the machine back online. You can also look for Ryan Anthony’s Heating Service and Long Island HVAC Company by clicking right here.

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Below are a few of the more prevalent oil furnace fix symptoms which you may be experiencing.

Oil Burner Working But Not Heard

Among the most frequent causes of the matter is that the oil tank is empty.  During intense winters such as this area has undergone in the past several decades, the furnace could be operating far greater than in the past couple of decades.  Your fuel delivery might be scheduled frequently, but because of heat required, the tank ran dry.

The Oil Furnace Burner Not Working

Possible causes behind the burner not working are a reduction of electricity and no gas.  When a fuse has blown, the burner won’t operate properly too.

Smoke On the Burner

A clogged nozzle is generally the culprit when it comes to smoke coming out of the burner.  This may be a quick fix; just adjusting the nozzle can do just fine.  In case the matter isn’t in the nozzle, then there can be a blockage from the chimney resulting in a decline in air flow which might be the problem.

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