Demolition of building is required because of various reason. There are many professional companies which does the demolition in expertise manner and there are various ways of doing demolition.

Method of Demolition

There are two types of demolition methods used for building

  1. Explosive Demolition
  2. Non-Explosive Demolition

Non-Explosive Demolition: This method of demolition comprises of non-explosive method for demolishing building.

  1. Sledge Hammer: It is used to demolish single wall or other such construction.
  2. Bulldozers and Excavators: Small size buildings are demolished by them. There other purpose is to transfer the debris to the truck.
  3. Wrecking Ball: Cranes with wrecking ball are used to demolish large size building as bulldozers are of no use for demolishing such huge buildings. In this method steel ball is pulled and released towards building and the ball strike the building which demolishes the part where it strikes. The trajectory of ball cannot be controlled hence this method is least used.
  4. High Reach Excavators: They are used to demolish large buildings where explosion is not possible.

Explosive Demolition:

Implosive Method: In this method explosives are used and support of the building are destroyed to collapse the building. The support of the building is fixed with explosives and when they detonate the support collapse and hence the building. The buildings either fall like a tree or fall on its own footprint.

In Newcastle demolition are done by either of two methods as what so ever method suits the construction site. Highly professional companies do the demolition in Newcastle, NSW.

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