Are you looking to increase relevant and targeted traffic to your site? A search engine optimization company will analyze your website; looking at where improvements can be made to improve your websites Effective Positioning in the search engines. A higher position in the search engines equates to more traffic.

Drive Targeted Visitors to Your Website With an SEO

There are two core areas an search engine optimization report analyses; off-site and onsite.

On-site SEO assesses how your website is constructed. There are various standards that search engines look for in a site; HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages must all be written to strict standards for compliance.

If these high website standards aren't met then your competition may gain an edge over you. You could run the report on your competition and compare that report to your own websites report to find out where your competitors weak points are.

Off-site SEO assesses how popular your site is. The more relevant site thank link to yours, the more popular your site is. The Google PageRank algorithm calculates how many relevant websites link to yours and positions your website from the search engine results accordingly.

A search engine optimization report will compute your PageRank, determine how many sites link to yours and assess the value of the websites linking to yours.

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